COP28 start

Two news items.  Can you spot the difference?

“Something Big Just Happened at COP – Wealthy countries might finally pay for the climate change they caused.” / The Atlantic 30 Nov 2023 

“Several countries immediately announced their intended contribution to the fund. The United Arab Emirates and Germany each said they would give $100 million. The U.K. pledged more than$50 million, and Japan committed to $10 million. The U.S. said it would provide $17.5 million, a small number given its responsibility for the largest historical share of global emissions.”

[The total pledged to date is approx $400 million.  That amount will go up. Estimates for actual need range in the hundreds of billions. However agreement of the fund is a significant achievement and a coup for the hosts]

“Mellon Foundation Doubles Funding for U.S. Monuments, Pledging a Total $500 Million – The philanthropy will add to its ongoing initiative to tell diverse stories with new monuments in public spaces over the next five years.” / New York Times 28 Nov 2023

[The monuments are lovely creations]

Spotted the difference? It’s $100 million.

False equivalence? Of course. I just can’t find the words to delve into this further.

One thought on “COP28 start

  1. OK – maybe I do need to elaborate and find some words.

    I simply don’t understand how a US foundation can find $500 million to fund monuments, while the international community, under duress during a highly public conference, pledges $400 million to compensate poorer countries for damages related to climate change.

    I know this is a false equivalence. I know the monuments are a worthy, beautiful cause.
    But really, where is the justice in this?

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