We have “exactly one biosphere”.  There isn’t another in all reality. Or, if there is, none of us will ever reach it.

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“There exists (∃) – exactly one (!)- biosphere (Ⓑ)”

You need to preserve it.  Vote!

The biosphere is in an Environmental Crisis and it’s hard to see how to get out of it.  We know the causes and we know what needs to be done. We are overwhelmed with messages about what will happen and the need for urgent action.

But these messages echo inside our “bubble” of Environmental Organizations, activists and concerned individuals. I believe we need to get out of our bubble and create short, sharp, clear messages calling on the “silent majority”.  Only then can we create the political and social environment where real changes can be made.

That’s what this site is about; CREATING STORIES and supporting the stories with solid FACT and ANALYSIS

  • Stories – anything that communicates; anecdotes, slogans, symbols, pictures, sound bites, memes…
  • Facts and Analysis – a chain linking the story back to underlying analysis, data and eventually basic scientific principles.

If you have a story please share it. If you are an artist, cartoonist, poet, songwriter, social media influencer – how can we tell the story of Environmental Healing and get it to the intended, broad audience? If you are a mathematician, scientist, game player, blockchain expert – how do we trace a path through the masses of information to separate our stories from the tangle of skewed and misleading information? THANK YOU for your input !

In the diagram below I call these messages 1bio stories. In addition to the blog links there are internal pages showing The Basic Story of 1bio, how The Idea developed and how 1bio could grow into the 1bio Organization. Also why don’t people pay attention to the threat of the Environmental Crisis? And a comparison of Money spent on environmental efforts compared to other things.

“Stories” for Environmental Healing,

with a clear, vivid, polarizing message and style*,

supported by a traceable chain of data and analysis

Currently most of the scientific and economic material is below the surface, invisible to most people (unless we read selected news outlets like the NYT, Guardian or Süddeutsche Zeitung). Public summaries and general media stories surface from time to time, but they typically lack the rigorous chain of support back to basic research.

*This point is repurposed from Newt Gingrich, US politician, quoted in New York Times, Dec 2020 :“We had been in the minority for 40 years and unless you had a clear, vivid, polarizing message and style, you were going to be in the minority for 40 more years,”