This is too much (PFAS…)

I am totally fed up. 

On Friday (19 April 2024) , buried under all the war, politics and other headline grabbing nonsense that we impose on ourselves, was this article about PFAS.  Apparently, these lovely chemicals have been detected in sea spray at various places around the world, at surprisingly high concentrations.

So – that deep breath of healthy, invigorating, salt laden air – that fully completes our experience of the ocean – now contains toxic, man-made, crap.

Enough!  Now we can’t even sit on the beach without worrying about being poisoned.  We have to do something.  For me it’s the last straw, or nail, or whatever cliché suits.

I have only one idea, which I struggle to articulate on this site and here (once again) are the key points:

  • “We”(all of us) are losing the battle for the biosphere.
  • The existing (courageous, knowledgeable, untiring…) environmental organizations do not have the power to halt the degradation.
  • They need to join into a federation to extend their reach and effectiveness.
  • Quickly.

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