Battle For The Biosphere

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I present a challenge to the existing Environmental Organizations, and individuals, worldwide. My argument is that we must urgently coalesce into a potent social/political force to create fundamental changes. You may counter that this is either an unrealistic dream or is already happening through organizations like IPCC, COP or other, more local, joint efforts.

I would ask that you skim through the file anyway. I have been told that my emotionless approach using symbols and few words makes it impossible to follow the story. Therefore, this will likely be the last entry using this format. If you do persist I will be grateful for any feedback. Thank you.

[Update: In the following .pdf I use the circled B symbol to stand for the “biosphere” – as in “there exists exactly one biosphere”. That usage directly conflicts with the international environmental slogan “There is no Planet B”. From January 2024 I have changed my notation from the circled B to “Ӕ ” – for Planet A, Earth”. That makes more sense. See my January 14, 2024 entry for more detail.]

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