The Basic Story

This is the basic “story” of – in symbols and words:

There exists exactly one biosphere


Yes, yes – there may be millions of other biospheres out in the universe.  But let’s face it; we don’t know of any and even if we discovered one we won’t get there anytime soon.


There is no “Planet B”

Everything that ever lived or will ever live on earth is contained in the biosphere

The biosphere has no borders.  We’re all together – stuck in this thin film on the surface of the earth

That’s OK!  It’s still a really nice place to be

…and; all the universe, except the biosphere, will kill you


So why are we messing it up?  Do we want to make life worse for ourselves – and much worse for our children and all the generations to come?


No, of course not.


Why then is the Environmental Crisis, and the steps we need to take, not on top of every politician’s list, not on top of every news report? 



We are not being told the right stories

Or they are being drowned out by the “wrong” ones;

“It’s the economy, stupid”

“It’s all a hoax”

“Technology will solve it”


It is my belief that we need an entity to do just 2 things:

PUBLISH “NUMBERS” and CREATE “STORIES” for Environmental Healing

Stories that are:

  • Consistent
  • Accessible
  • Relevant
  • Reality Based


Numbers that ensure reality for the stories:  

  • Measurements
  • Analysis
  • Predictions
  • Recommendations


Numbers that follow a deceptively simple approach:

  • Here are the numbers (neatly illustrated and explained)
  • Here is where the numbers came from
  • Here is what adds up, and here is what doesn’t

1biosphere – an entity to develop and publish “stories”, supported by “numbers”; 

To halt, and possibly reverse, the damage to our one biosphere –

Working for and with existing Environmental Organizations